Knife Reconditioning Services

C.L. Sturkey, Inc. is the oldest and largest manufacturer of permanent microtome knives in the USA. In addition to manufacturing knives, we are renowned for reconditioning and sharpening microtome knives, having done so for over 70 years.

We service what we sell. Our permanent microtome knife reconditioning service, like all of our products, is unconditionally guaranteed and our professional sharpening service is second to none. We use the same quality craftsmanship and expert care to sharpen microtome knives that we use to manufacture them. We accept all sizes and styles from all manufacturers.

Upon receipt for reconditioning, each knife is identified and logged into our system. Every knife is ground, sanded, polished and honed to perfection. It must also pass five different quality control inspections before it is ready to be shipped.

Service Cost
R125 - 125mm, Knife Reconditioning/Sharpening $59.00
R160 - 160mm, Knife Reconditioning/Sharpening $61.00
R185 - 185mm, Knife Reconditioning/Sharpening $63.00
R220 - 220mm, Knife Reconditioning/Sharpening $78.00
R250 - 250mm, Knife Reconditioning/Sharpening $84.00

Important: Please send knives, scissors, and instruments for reconditioning to our manufacturing address below. Include a purchase order and specify your shipping and billing addresses and telephone number.  When packing your knives/instruments, please ensure that there is enough packing material with them to reduce shifting in transit.  Please pack microtome knives in secure cases.

C. L. Sturkey, Inc.
Receiving Dept./Basement
824 Cumberland Street
Lebanon, PA 17042

Download the C.L. Sturkey Reconditioning Form