Disposable Microtome Blades

We have a full line of disposable blades for all of your cutting needs. Our blades are unique due to our innovative edge that provides durability, lubricity and longevity. All products are made in the USA.

Finally! C. L. Sturkey, Inc. is proud to announce their newest product, INFINITY. INFINITY features a triple faceted, 35 degree cutting edge on a 80mm length blade. It is designed to provide incredible longevity and performance and it is deal for all general paraffin and cryostat use. INFINITY is the blade that we all have been waiting for! Made in the USA.

Our Select disposable microtome blades features state of the art grinding and coating techniques specially designed to create an edge that can produce superior sections with every cut. It is ideal for all general paraffin applications and cryostat use. You will love this blade!

Monarch is a fully coated, 35 degree blade designed for general, all-purpose cutting applications (including cryostats.) Please Note: Monarch is available in Low Profile only.

Our Silver disposable microtome blades are coated with a nitride and copolymer finish to provide smooth wrinkle free sections. They are durable, long lasting and ideal for general paraffin and cryostat use.

Our Gold disposable microtome blades are the ultimate blade for cutting all types of skin and hard tissue.  It is a high-performance specialty blade and its durability and toughness make it the best solution for all of your hard tissue needs.

Our EXTREMUS™ disposable microtome knives are uniquely coated to suit the widest variety of cutting conditions. Its unique combination of durability and precision will save you time and money.

Our Diamond disposable microtome blades have an amorphous diamond coating that is applied to the cutting edge. It is our toughest and most durable blade edge that we offer with special effectiveness on hard tissue and decalcified bone.

Our Premium disposable microtome blade edges are uncoated. They are very durable and economical. They are offered in heavy duty high profile only.

At C.L. Sturkey, your satisfaction is always guaranteed. We know it's sometimes necessary to return or exchange an item. If you are not fully satisfied with your purchase, you can return your items to C.L. Sturkey within 30 days of purchase for a replacement or full refund.

Please call 1-800-274-9446 to request a return.